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JUNE 05 2011 NEWS

Vizag Stray Dogs turns Gangsters: Kills 50 Pet Pigeons      Top
stray dogs kills pet pigeonsJune 05, Vizag: Stray Dogs in Vizag turns gangsters, attacks people houses in gangs.

On Saturday night a group of dogs attacked a house where the owner is raising around 100 pet Pigeons and killed 50 of them.

When people tried to stop they started attacking them in groups. Locals ran away in panic to save themselves from dog bites. This incident occurred in GVMC 7o ward Chinamusidiwada Santhinagar. These group of dogs attacked the house of Ahinala Prasad and killed his 50 pet Pigeons.

Locals are angered with and demanded GVMC to get rid of these stray dogs now. And they also complained that these dogs are frequent cause for accidents in the area and also said that they were afraid to let their children out to play.

Hope at least now the GVMC authorities will act and get rid of these stray dogs which are creating such havoc in the city.

Thieves rob two houses in Vizag      Top
June 05, Vizag: On Saturday night thieves robbed two houses in Vizag City.

On Saturday late night in Akkayapalem’s Nadigiri colony thieves robbed two portions in a house. They looted 24 Tula gold ornaments, 118 Tula silver and cash.

House owners were out of station when this incident happened. In another portion of the house where second theft occurred thieves entered the house through window and robbed the house while tennents were sleeping.

Summer is the time when robberies increase. Locals blamed police for their negligence in keeping a check to these kind of incidents.

Chiranjeevi to get Central Minister Berth & 3 State Minister Berths      Top
ChiranjeeviJune 05, Vizag: PRP President Chiranjeevi is all set to get a Central Ministry Berth.

And PRP to get three minister berths in Andhra Pradesh government.

On Saturday he met Congress High Command member Gulam Nabi Ajad and discussed on PRP merger with congress party and Minister berths for him and his MLA's.

Confirmed sources say that Chiranjeevi is all set to become Central Minister, he will be given either Railways or Rural Development Ministry.

And three of PRP MLA will get Minister Berths in AP Congress Government.

BIG NEWS: Baba Ramdev Arrested: Hundreds of Followers Hurt      Top
Baba RamdevJune 05, New Delhi: Baba Ramdev was taken out of Ramlila grounds in a late-night crackdown by police who fired tear gas and dismantled the stage at his protest venue, hours after the Centre accused the yoga practitioner of reneging on a deal to call off his fast.

Around 3am, Ramdev’s whereabouts were unclear but the Delhi police commissioner said he had been taken to a safe place. Police sources said he would be taken out of Delhi. But the government clarified that he had not been arrested. Section 144 was imposed in the area.

Earlier, Ramdev’s supporters formed a human chain around him. The police fired tear gas as the crowd threw stones.

The police were reported to have withdrawn permission for Ramdev’s yoga camp.

At 7pm, minister Kapil Sibal had held a news conference and released a written undertaking given by Ramdev yesterday to end his protest. Sibal then issued a veiled warning: “If we can reach out, we can also rein (him) in.”

If the tactic was to pressure Ramdev into honouring his commitment, it didn’t work. Aware that his protest might now appear discredited as a mere show, the Baba toughened his stance before a crowd of 30,000 and refused to ever again talk to Sibal, the government’s key negotiator.

“We kept calling him since afternoon but the expected announcement didn’t come. We now learn there was some misconception on black money,” Sibal later said.
Sibal added: “We have said a committee will be formed to frame a law to declare illegally gotten money as a national asset. He thought we are only making a committee, not making the law. We will give him in writing that a law will be made if he wants.”

That clarification was given to Ramdev in writing tonight before the police arrived.

A PTI report said Ramdev had admitted yesterday’s deal with the government but claimed he had wanted to continue the fast to make sure the Centre honoured its promise of giving him in writing that it had agreed to his demands.

According to Ramdev’s written undertaking, drafted and signed by his key aide Acharya Balkrishna, an announcement was to be made this afternoon about the agreement with the government. Then Ramdev would have merely continued with his “tap” (spiritual rites) till June 6.

The letter is understood to have been written in the presence of Ramdev, some of his aides, and government negotiators Sibal and Subodh Kant Sahay. It begins with a categorical declaration: “According to Swami Ramdev’s consent....”

Sure enough, around 2.30pm, Ramdev had left the dais and entered his tent for “telephone talks with the government”. He came out three hours later to say his fast would continue and that the talks were deadlocked over the issue of tackling black money.

“I will break my fast tomorrow if the government brings an ordinance declaring black money hidden abroad as a national asset. They have agreed to a committee. I want action, not a committee,” he said. He added that he had “put on silent mode” his demand for withdrawal of 500-rupee notes to focus only on black money.

This evening, the two sides appeared locked in a battle of nerves, keen to win the publicity war. Sibal said the government had honoured all its commitments and acted very discreetly, refraining from revealing Ramdev’s letter yesterday.

“But Baba has gone back on his word. We want to make it clear that if the government can reach out, it can also rein in. If we can accommodate, we can also be firm.”

Asked why the Baba was saying the government was trying to scare him, Sibal said: “We don’t want to comment on this. We don’t want to comment on the attempt to scare the government, either.”

Ramdev threatened to continue the fight till his last breath and asked his supporters to carry on fasting if he was arrested.

Although the release of Ramdev’s undertaking appeared to have vitiated the atmosphere, a section in the government felt that causing a dent in the Baba’s credibility was no mean achievement. They said the government needed to send out a tough message amid the popular impression that it had buckled before Ramdev’s agitation.

The Baba had had his last meal of fruits, greens and milk at 7pm yesterday and had only drunk water since, said Jaideep Arya, chief coordinator of Ramdev’s Bharat Swabhiman Nyas.

The yoga practitioner ascended the dais at 4.50 this morning. He started off with a yoga session, featuring mainly breathing and stomach exercises, but spoke at length against black money and English education.

“The police have given permission for yoga, but even speaking the truth is yoga; satyagraha is yoga,” he said.

He peppered his sermons with one-liners. “Whatever the outcome of this fast, our fat brothers and sisters will shed at least 1,000 kilos of weight.”

Leaders from various faiths sat on the dais. Hindutva hawk Sadhvi Ritambhara joined the morning yoga session. Ramdev denied being “communal” and, asked about his RSS links, said he had “sadbhavana” with all social organisations including the Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind (The Telegraph).

Courtesy: Sakshi TV Youtube.

Around 35 MLA's Support YS Jagan Mohan Reddy      Top
YS JaganJune 05, Vizag: As many as 35 MLA's supported YS. Jagan Mohan Reddy's YSR Congress Party and as many as 21 Congress MLAs and one YSR Congress MLA attended a meeting convened by YSR Congress president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy here on Friday.

Speaking to reporters later, K Ramachandra Reddy said that speaker's election was a mere formality and they had no objection to the candidate fielded by the Congress.

On no-trust motion, he claimed that the YSR Congress had cent percent capacity to pull down the government. They would meet again on Saturday to finalise their strategy, he said.

Konda Surekha said they would not reveal their strategy with regard to speaker's election which will be by a secret ballot.

Golla Babu Rao said the poor wanted implementation of YSR schemes and their wish would be fulfilled after voting on the no-trust motion.

MLAs who attended the meeting:
N Seshareddy, Amarnath Reddy, Adinarayana Reddy, Konda Surekha, K Bharati, Dharmana Krishna Das, K Srinivasulu, Golla Babu Rao, K Ramachandra Reddy, Mekapati Chandrasekhara Reddy, P Ravi, G Srikanth Reddy, Sivaprasad Reddy, D Chandrasekhara Reddy, Prasada Raju, P Balaraju, Jayasudha, P Ramakrishna Reddy, YS Vijayamma, Sucharita, B Sobha Nagi Reddy and N Prasannakumar Reddy.

MLA s who extended support to Jagan:
Patil Neeraja Reddy, R Kantha Rao, Balanagi Reddy, Gurnatha Reddy, Pilli Subhash Chandra Bose, Perni Nani, Jogi Ramesh, Balineni Srinivasa Reddy, CK Babu, G Kutuhalamma and Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy. Interestingly, the sons of Kasu Venkata Krishna Reddy and Jupalli Krishna Rao, and the husband of another MLA Kunja Satyavati attended.

Andhra Pradesh Green cover develops Cracks      Top
June 05, Vizag (DC): Despite the increasing pollution levels in urban areas in the state, particularly in cities like Hyderabad and Vizag, there has hardly been any steps taken to prevent our green cover from depleting and in most cases the authorities are ignoring eco-friendly options of waste disposal. Green economy and energy saving initiatives to cut emissions have also failed to reach the masses resulting in heavy burning of fuel and usage of power generated by abusing our natural resources.

The theme for this year’s World Environment Day is “Forests: Nature at Your Service”, and it underscores the significance of forest cover for life on Earth. This year the United Nations has called for a move towards a green economy, combating land degradation and conserving critical forest ecosystems. From the perspective of our state, the depletion of forest cover, coupled with increasing pollution and degradation of ecosystems are huge causes of concern, particularly in the big cities.

Apart from Assam and Chhattisgarh, AP has had the biggest losses in forest cover in absolute terms. Only 22 per cent of the state is now under forest cover. According to the Andhra Pradesh State of Forest Report 2010, the maximum loss of forest cover has been in Khammam circle where around 58.5 square kilometre of forest has been lost followed by the Rajahmundry circle where the loss was 22.75 square kilometre.

Greater Hyderabad has only 9.48 per cent of forest cover as against the recommended cover of 33 per cent. Around 4,648 hectares of forest land has been encroached by the city. The diversion of forest land for non forest purposes is resulting in a huge loss of greenery and nothing is being done to compensate it. There are around 750 listed sacred groves, including six in Hyderabad and 10 in Ranga Reddy and many of these have already been destroyed and even the forest cover in sanctuaries, reserve forests and national parks are under tremendous pressure.

Mr Qamar Mohammed Khan of the Association of Retired Foresters of the State said, “The socio-economic pressures on forests in the state and other parts of the country are tremendous, and unless we protect our forests, it will not be possible for us to live safely. Forest lands should be diverted judiciously and only when it is essential.” With the depleting green cover, air, noise and water pollution levels are increasing at alarming levels. According to the AP Pollution Control Board, in Hyderabad areas like Abids, Panjagutta, Paradise, Charminar, Balanagar, Jeedimelta, Langarhouse, Uppal and Nacharam are highly polluted where the RSPM (restorable suspended particular matter) exceeds the National Ambient Air Quality Standards.

In Vizag, areas like Gnanapuram and MCV Kalyanamandapam are highly polluted and the quality of air is very bad. Adding to the vehicular and industrial pollution, Municipal staff is also adding to the problem by burning garbage on the streets instead of lifting and disposing it safely.

Environmentalist Mr Jayaprakash Nambaru of Green Planet Visions said, “Huge garbage bins continuously burn every day in the city. They say that they have a shortage of manpower and also say that the burning takes place after they leave the office. When plastic is burnt, dioxin chemicals are released which are carcinogenic.” To make matters worse, the pollution control measures by the AP Pollution Control Board and civic bodies are allegedly manipulative. The AP Pollution Control Board’s claims that critically polluted sites like Patancheru have decreased have been termed as false by experts.

The former chief technical advisor for United Nations, Dr S. Jeevanand Reddy said, “The report submitted by the Institute of Genetics and Hospital for Genetic Disease of Osmania University to the APPCB and the report of Vimta Lab to APPCB on air pollution provide a realistic situation on pollution levels and health hazards in the Patancheru-Bollaram Zones.”

He added, “In the case of water index and land index, APPCB tried to show that pollution factors had reduced and that common facilities for pollution control were adequate. However, the APPCB seems to have manipulated the computations to achieve the two goals. Dumping partially treated or diluted effluents along with domestic sewage in the Musi River instead of Nakkavagu does not mean that pollution conditions have improved.

Similarly, they have eased the ban notification to clear the decks so that more industries can come up in the area and have allowed the existing industries to increase production or legalise their hitherto illegal producing quantities.” Green options are also not taken up on a large scale by the people in the state. In rural areas farmers depend on irrigation pumps running on diesel or even kerosene for hours due to power cuts. They can instead use solar or wind-driven pumps which are good alternatives, say experts. Even in urban areas, solar powered water pumps can be used. In ICRISAT in the city outskirts, solar-powered pumps are used to draw water through a submersible pump.

Changes like cars that run on compressed air — expected in a year or two — will really make a difference to air pollution.

Visakhapatnam Steel Plant sales up by 88 pc      Top
June 05, Vizag: Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (VSP), belonging to Rashtriya Ispat Nigam, sold 3.26 lakh tonnes of saleable steel during April-May 2011, up 88 per cent over the corresponding period last year. According to a press release issued by the VSP, the byproduct sales of Rs 67 crore were achieved during the period, at a growth of 12 per cent. The sales turnover for April-May 2011 stood at Rs 1,465 crore, registering a growth of 99 per cent over the corresponding period last year.

The sales turnover of Rs 950 crore achieved during May this year, was described as the Best May Performance since inception. During May this year, it registered a sales volume of 32,000 tonnes of high-end value-added steel, registering a growth of 45 per cent and project sales of 53, 300 tonnes, registering a growth of 47 per cent over the corresponding month last year.

Vizag GVMC to take up ARV for Stray Dogs      Top
stray dogJune 05, Vizag: The public health department of Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) will take up anti-rabies vaccination of stray dogs on a massive scale. The city veterinary officer, Dr B. Rammohan Rao, said during a recent review meeting, the in-charge commissioner, Mr Kona Sasidhar, has sought immunisation to prevent loss of lives.

Dr Rao said it was revealed in a recent survey that there are around 35,000 stray dogs under the GVMC limits and of them 50 per cent were sterilized under animal birth control progamme. He said under the first phase anti-rabies vaccine would be administered to over 10,000 dogs over a period of two months. Rs 4 lakh worth vaccines were purchased for the purpose. A vehicle would be deployed for every zone with two persons, who were experts in dog trapping, and with the help of paramedic of corporation, the dogs would be given vaccine on the spot and a red mark would be made on the forehead of the dog which was given vaccine. “The vaccination programme would begin from June 7 and every day 150 dogs will be vaccinated so as to cover 10,000 in two months,” Dr Rao added.

During the period between December and February, stray dogs were vaccinated from 45th to 49th ward and the dose would be repeated. He said the corporation has been taking all steps to prevent rabies in the city limits. Vaccines were stored in dispensaries in all the six zones since January 26, 2008. But due to increase in the incidence of dog bites, the vaccine was supplied to more than 16 hospitals and dispensaries in the city. There is enough stock of medicines and people need not panic with regard to the availability of vaccines, he added.

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